Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did you know?

That highschool these days is becoming shittier and shittier everyday. More drugs are being distributed. More blunts, joints, and pipes are being lit up each day before and after class. All these students everyday just sit around and roll up their dank dro and blow down 24/7. The best part is nothing can be done about it. Everyone is always being worried so I have come up with a plan to stop this madness

1. Enforce the law
 - By keeping police on campus there is a less chance of student misbehaving. If there is always 1 cop car at a campus it can prove to be very beneficial.

2. Strict School Policy
 - If a student is caught abusing the LAW then he must be expelled or sent to some form of juvenile, NO SECOND CHANCES

3. Legalize Today
 - By legalizing marijuana we can cut down all the illegal stuff thats happening and make it all legal. By legalizing the government will have a good source of tax income because weed is the number 1 cash crop of america. More legalizing benefits can be found here - If this is done then the above two will become unnecessary and we will all be happy :)

 So sit back relax and hit it. Peace


  1. we got our legalization on Nov 19th in Cali.

  2. I look forward to hearing some more from you, possibly more detailed descriptions.

  3. Very detailed information ya got thar.
    No, kidding. Comment back on my shit

  4. haha yea its nice man.. gotta get this good info out there

  5. Lol i just registered to vote for Prop 19 today :D